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State Update 2016/17

Tasmania is still going strong with the commercial side under a lot of strain finding tradespeople to keep up with demand.

The issue we have here is the inconsistency which has a flow on effect to have the next job ready to keep your workforce going, which is every employer’s nightmare. The work is in the pipeline which is great for the state as long as it flows consistently.


Trade licensing is back on the agenda with Angus Kell from CSR National Technical Development Manager representing the AWCI, meeting up with Minister Guy Barnett along with Mark Amos and Bob Degroot from Master Painters Victoria (MPAV) with both our trades having the same issues.

This discussion has been ongoing and we are looking for licensing to both look after the consumer and to clean up the industry. The next meeting is set for early 2017 in which the AWCI and MPAV have both agreed to put their case forward.

Conference Darwin   

I was fortunate to attend my first AWCI ANZ Annual Conference which exceeded my expectations. The commendable effort that Ian and the team demonstrated throughout the conference was exceptional.

Having the vast range of the speakers who spoke about their personal highs and lows in life certainly empowered their sense of being, as well as the manufacturers that displayed the advancement of where this industry is heading.

The high standard of entries that were in the awards of excellence were stunning, with thanks going to Jason Lapham Plastering, Noel Kaine Plastering and Brock Plaster for all submitting their amazing projects from Tasmania.

Apprentice Challenge   

I would also like to acknowledge the achievement of the Tassie boys Stuart Batt and Kallum Kubucki who were both outstanding in the quality of work they produced in the Apprentice Challenge and to Ron Treloar (Plaster Designs) and Ben Englund plastering for both training two great apprentices and for supporting the AWCI with them competing in the Challenge.

This is the final report of 2016 and finally, I would like to take this opportunity to thank everyone who has supported me and the association to better the industry to move forward.

Well done to everyone and let’s hope 2017 is another productive year.

Warren Banks

President, AWCI Tasmania