President's Report - Summer 2016/17

I would like to start by saying how honoured I am to be elected President of this Association.

I have sat on the Australian and New Zealand Executive as the South Australian representative for the past five years, and had the privilege to have been guided by three extremely capable Presidents.

First, I was exposed to a year with Perry Richardson, then came Clinton Steele, and last but not least there was Gary Wood. All of which I have had the utmost respect for and all of which have left their mark on this Association helping to increase its standing in the industry and its professionalism.

I have run my own contracting business in South Australia for over twenty years now and have been a member of this Association for all that time. I am passionate about our industry and what a strong Association can do. I am extremely lucky in taking over this role because the Executive as a whole has a similar passion.


There are several initiatives which I would like to focus on in my time as President, the first of which is licensing and accreditation. How can we be taken seriously as a trade by builders and developers when Governments in some states don’t believe what we do is important enough to be a licensed trade.


I believe that we also need to focus on an awareness campaign for our Association. In many ways, we are like a secret society. I tell builders that I sit on the National Executive for the AWCI and they look at me blankly. However, if I was on the Master Painters or Master Plumbers, this would not be the case. I am not necessarily saying we should change our branding, however I do believe that we need to promote ourselves more.

To this end, AWCI South Australia has approved funding for an advertising campaign to promote this awareness, which if successful could be rolled out nationally.


Training is also something which is an important role for the AWCI. We have two RTOs delivering quality training to the industry. Between the NSW RTO and the National RTO based in Victoria we can offer training in all States. I personally attended a day’s training session in South Australia put on by the National RTO and can vouch for the quality of information I received from this.

Standards Review

The work performed by our Technical Committee on the upgrading of Australian/New Zealand Standards is also very important and ongoing.

  • AS/NZS 2589 (Australian/New Zealand Standard, Gypsum lining – application and finishing). This standard is now closed following public comment. The standards committee is reviewing comment and coming up with a final draft to go to ballot. It is likely the new standard will be out in early 2017.
  • AS/NZS 2785 (Australian/New Zealand Standard, Suspended Ceiling – Design and Installation). This standard is due for review in December 2016 with a meeting of the Standards Technical Committee. AWCI believes this standard is overdue for a review and have done a lot of hard work to bring it to this stage and to recognise the NZ Code of Practice on seismic applications.
  • AS/NZS 2311 (Australian/New Zealand Guide to the painting of buildings). This standard has closed for public comment and will be finalised shortly. AWCI worked hard to bring in some changes but a lot were considered outside the scope of the review and have not been included. Whilst this is disappointing, requirements such as a three-coat system and back rolling of spray coating are still included and set a minimum benchmark.

Whilst on the topic of the Technical Committee, I would like to thank Tim Kraskov for his efforts as Technical Manager. Tim resigned his position on the 15th November for personal reasons and although he had been in the role for only a short time he was a great asset for the Association.

Finally, I would like to wrap up my first President’s Report by wishing our Executive Director, Ian Swann the very best for the future as he moves on from the Association. Ian’s tireless work and commitment to his role and this Industry has seen our Association grow from strength to strength in the past six and a half years, and he will be sorely missed. We all wish you well for the future Ian.

Steve Langridge

President, AWCI ANZ

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