I have a job to do where I have to put cornice over existing paintwork as there has been a refurbishment and the ceiling has been lowered by battens, is that ok?

This is tricky to answer as cornice cement is only as good as the paint background behind it and really not worth the risk of direct application to paintwork. Whatever you do, you need to create a keyway into the painted surface so the cornice cement can get a direct bond to the plasterboard core or raw paper liner board. When plasterers do this type of refurb, some also permanently pin the cornice with screws to ensure a better hold. To be sure, the preference is to remove the paint.

There have been stories around the traps since the 60's that you can use Bondcrete and that will do the job, but we reiterate that anything put over an existing paint background is only as good as the paint behind it.

In your case, as there was already cornice previously there, there may be an area of unpainted plasterboard above the paint line at the wall and ceiling junction that could give you the unpainted surface you need for the cornice cement to perform satisfactorily.


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