What is the ruling on installing lights and vents directly into the plasterboard ceiling sheeting?

This is an issue for our industry as other trades do not consider the impact of items being directly fixed to plasterboard sheeting; say, for example, the bathroom 3-in-1 heater, light and fan, which is quite weighty. The Australian Standard says:- Sag in ceiling linings can occur over time as a result of self-weight, humidity, imposed actions and internal and external environmental conditions.

Typical imposed actions include light fittings, fans, insulation and other services that might be fully or partially supported by the gypsum linings.

Advice on strength capacity for specific plasterboard types, thicknesses and spans is available from gypsum plasterboard manufacturers. If the actions are in excess of that recommended by manufacturers, it will be necessary to include some means of supporting the actions other than directly on the gypsum plasterboard, or to establish that the actions can be adequately supported.


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