Are there manufacturing tolerances for drywall?

Yes. Plasterboard is manufactured to AS/NZS2588. Some of the dimensions and suitability for decoration are described below.


Thickness – The nominal thickness of gypsum plasterboard in Australia shall be 10 mm, 13 mm, or 25 mm and in New Zealand shall be 9.5 mm, 12.5 mm, 16 mm or 19mm. The average thickness of gypsum plasterboard shall be within ±0.5 mm of the nominal thickness. The thickness range for each board measured shall not exceed 0.8 mm for standard grade plasterboard and 1.2 mm for fire resistant trade plasterboard.

Note: Other thicknesses of gypsum plasterboard may be manufactured to special order but are not covered by this Standard.

Width – The nominal width of gypsum plasterboard shall be 600 mm, 900 mm, 1200 mm or 1350 mm. The actual width of gypsum plasterboard shall be within ±3 mm of the nominal width.

Length – The length of gypsum plasterboard sheets shall be within ±5 mm of the nominal specified length.

Squareness – The cut ends of the board shall be square with the ends within ±3 mm in the full width of the board.

EDGE FINISH – Edges of gypsum plasterboard shall be square, recessed or bevelled to suit the specified join finish.

SUITABILITY FOR DECORATION – The gypsum plasterboard should have a face which is free from defects such as corrugations, ripples, stains which would bleed through a painted surface or any other defects which would adversely affect decorative paint finishes.

Editor’s Note: Occasionally we inspect fibre cement with that is known as chatter and plasterboard with what looks like very fine ripples. On closer investigation, it generally shows that painting to the Australian Standard has not occurred. We really need to help painting contractors understand that texture created by back rolling, sealer undercoats, light sanding and two quality top coats are needed to produce a satisfactory finish.



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